This is where we show to the people how much we care and wish them well in all ramifications by offering them the following free services:

  1. MEDICAL SUPPORT: This is where we organized medical checkup for the people with one ailment or the other and supply them with necessary supplement or medicine needed to correct their bad health status. We would also care to correct their bad health status. We would also care for the health of the students by providing first aid box to all the schools and build primary health centre’s for community use.
  2. EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT:our target is on primary and secondary students, whose parents could not afford to provide writing materials (Pencil, Pen, Big Note, Exercise Books, cleaner, Drawing book,crayon etc.), clothing (uniform, Sandal, Socks, Cardigan, etc) and others, especially during the first term academic session. Therefore, we want the parents to spend less on the education of their children.
  3. COMMODITY SUPPORT: our focus is on the less privileged people, who could not afford to eat three square meal per day, neither able to buy important needs.For this reason we present the following items specified free to these special peoples in the public.
  4. FOOD ITEMS: Rice, beans, yam, wheat, cocoyam, yam flour, noodles, semovita, salt, sugar, vegetable-oil, palm oil, milk, and tea e.t.c.
  5. ELECTRONIC/ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: Radio, television, fan, pressing iron, refrigerator, blending machine,  DVD/VCD machine, generator, fluorescent light, wall clock, mobile phone, torch light e.t.c.
  6. Furniture: Chairs, table, mirror, wooden bench, cupboard, mattress, stool, e.t.c.

We also support all those who had undergone our training programmes, who desire to practicalize and trade with the handiwork and all those who needed help to boost up their business with small financial grant.